Getting a Kitten


Please read through the sample TERMS OF SALE (link). It is very important for you to read it through carefully and not ask us to waiver any points.


1. Fill up the enquiry form below and tell us more about yourself and what you are looking for, we will get back to you within 7 working days via email. You are welcome to visit us at one of our breed appreciation sessions to speak to us in person. As we do not always have kittens available, you might have to wait for a kitten of your preferred pattern/colour/sex/quality. 

2. Private kitten viewings will be held when a litter of kittens become available. We will announce on our Facebook page as well as contact the patient humans who have indicated interest to arrange for closed viewings. 

3. Reserving your kitten. Our pet kittens are priced between SGD $2500-6500 depending on how well they conform to the breed standard. Bicolour kittens are priced higher. Kittens may be reserved after viewing at our gallery.

4. Desexing kittens happens when the kittens are around 12 - 14 weeks old. The kittens will be ready to go to their new homes once they have fully recovered in 1-2 weeks. Do not ask us if you kitten can go home un-neutered/spayed. There is no exception. 

5. Bringing your kitten home is possible once they have recovered from their surgery. Do remember to prepare all the kitten essentials prior!

If you are located out of Singapore, arrangements can be made with us for shipping. Feel free to ask us more.

We have kittens available! (updated 22 April 2019)