Ragdoll Play Sessions

Everyone is welcome to join us at our Ragdoll Play Sessions held at our gallery at Joo Chiat on alternate Sundays. These hourly sessions and an informal way to learn about the Ragdoll breed, cat care and cat behaviour etc. Do come by if:

1. You would like to know more about Ragdolls
2. You have a phobia of cats (the Ragdoll personality will change your mind ;)
3. You just want to be surrounded by cute fluffy things

We are open on Sundays between 1pm - 7pm.

Here are some things to take note of before you come:

  • Fees for the hourly sessions are $10 per person

  • We cannot guarantee a space for you unless you make an appointment with us.

  • Maximum of 5 persons is allowed at any one point.

  • You are not allowed to bring any other animals into the premises.

  • DO NOT visit another cattery/pet store before visiting our cattery. This is to ensure that no deadly viruses or diseases get passed around.

  • The cat gallery is a clean environment, please do not come directly after sports.

  • Cats are sensitive to smells and groom themselves often. Please do not apply heavy moisturiser or medicated oil right before visiting.

  • You will be required to remove your shoes and sanitise your hands with ethanol before handling the kittens.

  • You will be required to bring your own extra pair of clean socks ( not those in your shoes ), socks can also be purchased for $5 a pair.

  • If you are bringing children, please keep them seated and well behaved as the kittens may get frightened by loud noises and sudden movements. Your children will have to wait outside if they are unruly.

  • You will be responsible for your own safety while participating in the activities within Playground Cattery.

Please note that kitten viewings are held separately.
Please send us a kitten enquiry form if you would like a kitten from us.